Panaf Oil has obtained operating Permits in:

  • Drilling / Production Services
  • Installation and Marine Contracting Services

We also provide Health, Safety, Equipment and Quality (HSEQ) Training, Equipment maintenance and Services, Oil and Gas recruitment, Managing local staff and Employee Relations and Managing worksites and workplace productivity.


With the best supplies from high-quality manufacturers around the Globe, we provide unmatchable support to exploration, development and production companies through the supply of modern equipment, tools and chemicals to facilitate their effective and efficient operations.
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We provide Top-Class installation, maintenance and Support Services to Onshore and Offshore drilling and production companies. We have a wide range of experts who are agile and dexterous in dealing with challenges. With the strong will to work under safe conditions, Panaf Oil is always sure to provide software and hardware installation services that are user-friendly and enhance the safety of workers.
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With a wide range of products and services, we satisfy our clients with comprehensive list of marine services by utilizing futuristic technologies combined with equipment, features and parts that improves quality, ensures safety and enhances efficiency of offshore operations.
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